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Updated: October 26, 2018

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蜂鸟VPN (com.young.ss): Please be sure to read and understand the following statement for a maximum of 5 minutes. Not reading may waste you hundreds of times.0. For those who have extremely high VPN requirements and perfect requirements for speed, reliability and compatibility, please use other APP or ... Read More > or Download APK >


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蜂鸟VPN Description: Please be sure to read and understand the following statement for a maximum of 5 minutes. Not reading may waste you hundreds of times.

0. For those who have extremely high VPN requirements and perfect requirements for speed, reliability and compatibility, please use other APP or paid VPN. This free app does its best to serve, but there is no commitment to the above. It is not suitable for you. Can't meet your needs.

1, Hummingbird VPN is a completely free app, both standard and VIP nodes, are free!

2, due to the complexity of the network around the world, as a free APP, we can not and will not test the network, the same node in different areas of the link is not the same, if a node is unavailable or the network speed is slow, please close the VPN Wait a moment and manually change to another node and try again.

3, some nodes limit video, only for non-video Internet access needs, in general, the web page opening speed will be faster than the node supporting video.

4, very few models may flash back, can not open and other compatibility phenomena, limited to the author's current limited energy, can not support all Android models, please use other APP.

[Directly bad reviews and questions, we directly ignore, and pull black equipment. This kind of person, presumably also a loser in real life, is not willing to find a solution to the problem, but only complains; without a grateful heart, we are free APP, no obligation to pay for your bad temper character. We don't want or waste valuable time on you.

[We are more willing to spend time on quality users who are willing to communicate friendlyly and recognize our services. As long as they are reasonable suggestions, we will consider them and improve them in subsequent versions to continuously optimize the APP user experience. 】

Please note: This app is only available on Google Play, and other distribution channels are informal.

Please follow the laws and regulations of your location and the location of the server during use.

If you do not agree with the above agreement, please do not download and use it.

Your download and use of this APP is deemed to be in agreement with the above agreement.

other problems:
1. Why can't the Ins picture be brushed out?
   There are 2 possibilities:
   (1) Pictures can't be brushed out
     The test found that some Japanese node service providers blocked the ins, and all the picture videos could not be brushed out. At this time, only the nodes could be tried again.
     Recommended for US nodes, most US nodes are fine.
   (2) Part of it comes out, part of it can't come out
   It has been found that ins contains a large number of high-definition pictures and videos, which requires high speed of the network, and the standard node network speed does not meet the requirements, so some picture videos cannot be brushed out.
   VIP node speed can be brushed out most of the time, you can try to use some VIP coins and use the VIP node.

2. The lottery/sign-in shows that the luck is not good?
The lottery/check-in will load the ad, related to the current time, network status, and service provider Google.
Opening a VPN when a lottery is recommended can increase the probability of success. If you still can't open the VPN, you can try to change the network (for example, 4G for broadband, mobile for Unicom Telecom, etc.) or try again for another period of time.

3. Is the IP location displayed incorrectly?
The free IP database of some operators (baidu/ip38/including Google, etc.) is not accurate. If you check the exact location of the IP, it is recommended to use www.ipip.net for verification. The database of his home is the most accurate (free for individual users, right Enterprise charges).

4. Why is it flashing back?
Hummingbird VPN calls the VPN service that comes with Android.
(1) If you are using a modified Android system, or your mobile VPN service is streamlined/castrated, the Hummingbird VPN may not be able to call the system VPN service and flash back. In this case, it is recommended that you try other apps or use The original Android system.
(2) If you are using the original manufacturer system, there is no brush / root, please provide the specific model, version, detailed description of the use (when under the circumstances), send an email or leave a message (only five-star evaluation, not a five-star evaluation The message is ignored. The author does his best to help solve the problem.









请注意:本APP仅在Google Play发布,其他发布渠道均非正式渠道。








What's New in 蜂鸟VPN 1.8.8 >

  1. 功能更新:
  2. 1. VPN打开时后退键使APP进入后台运行,不再提示退出。
  3. 2.更新了首页UI,见详情图片。
  4. 3.修复了一些已知的bug。
  5. 其他问题:
  6. 1.Ins图片为什么刷不出来?
  7. 有2种可能:
  8. (1)图片都刷不出来
  9. 测试发现部分日本节点服务商屏蔽了ins,所有图片视频都刷不出来,这时只能换节点再试。
  10. 推荐美国节点,大部分美国节点都没问题。
  11. (2)部分出来一部分出不来
  12. 经测试发现ins含有大量高清图片,视频,对网络速度要求较高,标准节点网速达不到要求,因此部分图片视频刷不出来。
  13. VIP节点速度在大多数时候可以刷出来,可以尝试攒一些金币后使用VIP节点。
  14. 2.抽奖/签到显示手气不佳?
  15. 抽奖/签到时会加载广告,与当前时间,网络状态,服务商Google有关。
  16. 建议抽奖时打开VPN,可以提高成功的概率。如果打开VPN仍然不行,可以尝试换一个网络(例如4G换宽带,移动换联通电信等)或者换个时间段再试。

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Before you download 蜂鸟VPN apk 1.8.8 or old version apks and install it, you should verify the apk file integrity & signature and review the app permissions carefully.

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